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In this issue:

The Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever

Confessing Faith on the Edge of Empire: A Response to the Proposed 2005 “Statement of Faith” – Douglas John Hall
A Draft of the New Statement of Faith – Donald Schweitzer
A Response From the Trenches to the Draft Statement of Faith – Foster Freed

H. Gordon Harland (1920- 2003) Scholar, Professor, Preacher – Donald E. Burke

Real Kids, Real Faith: Practices For Nurturing Chrildren’s Spiritual Lives by Karen Marie Just – Rose Ferries
In one Body Through the Cross: The Princeton Proposal For Christian Unity Edited by Carl Braaten and Robert W. Jenson – Fr. Bernard de Margerie
The Christic Centre: Life Giving and Liberating by Harold Wells – John McTavish
The Cross in our Context: Jesus and the Suffering World by Douglas John Hall – Philip Ziegler