Click here for the September 2001 edition of Touchstone Journal.

In this issue:

Tears of Repentance: Seeds of Hope

The Role of Tradition in the Formation of Church Leadership – Marguerite VanDie
Dietrich BonhOffer:A Spirituality For Today – Douglas Crichton.
The Road Behind and Before: The Unity We Seek – Richard Allen
Original Sin: What is That? – Don Schweitzer
Eulogy for an Old Friend – William A. Cross

More Than They Bargained For: Principal William S. (Bill) Taylor – Reginald Wilson

Celebrate God’s Presence Issued by the United Church of Canada – Lynette Miller
Saint Saul by Donald Akenson – Richard Ascough
Fishing The ‘Net – David Martyn
Praying Twice: The Music and Words of Congregational Song by Brian Wren – Mac Watts