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In this issue:

Guest Editorial
The Great Code of English Liturgy – William Kervin

The Bible At the End of the Millenium – Donald E. Burke
We Came Around That Comer a Century Ago – Mac Watts
Celebration of Ministry Sermon: Finding the Church – Foster Freed
Ordinands’ Presentations – Heather Lea and Gail Miller
My Sorrows Led Me Home – Laura McKenzie

Martha J. Cartmell: Missionary to Japan – Marilyn Fardig Whiteley

Jubilee – Gordon Light

Always Being Refonned: Faith for a Fragmented World by Shirley C. Guthrie – Edwin Searcy
Remembered Voices: Reclaiming the Legacy of “Neo Orthodoxy” by Douglas John Hall –  Don Schweitzer
Tending the Heart of Virtue: How Classic Stories Waken a Child’s Moral Imagination by Vigen Guroian – Rose Ferries
Stories in My Neighbour’s Faith: Narratives From World Religions in Canada by Susan L. Scott – Wayne A. Holst