Volume 36 October 2018 Number 3


Jonathan Edwards and the Beauty of God – Paul Miller

Beauty and the Aesthetics of Poetry in the Bible – Judith H. Newman

Beauty and Preaching – Paul Scott Wilson

The Gift of Musical Beauty – Christina Labriola

The Beauty of Social Engagement – Pauline Lilly

Glimpses of Revelation: Faith, Beauty and the Arts – Gesa Elsbeth Thiessen

From the Heart
Something God Alone Can Do – Ross Carson

Winnifred Fletcher Thomas: “The Most Influential Woman in the United Church” – William Haughton

Worshiping with the Anaheim Vineyard: The Emergence of Contemporary Worship by Andy Park, Lester Ruth, Cindy Rethmeier – Michael Brooks

The Virtual Body of Christ in a Suffering World by Deanna A. Thompson – Kathleen Anderson

Love and Christian Ethics: Tradition, Theory, and Society Edited by Frederick V. Simmons with Brian C. Sorrells – Gaëlle Fiasse

Jesus of Korea: Savior of the People by Paul Hyoshin Kim – Taeil Yang