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In this issue:

Volume 30 May 2012 Number 2

Christian Practices



  • John Hogman (1953-2012): Linchpin of Touchstone – Mac Watts
  • Sermon at the Memorial Service of the Rev. John Hogman (February 25, 2012) – Neil Young
  • A Theory of Christian Practices – Paul Miller
  • Blest Be the Tie that Binds – Nancy J. Knox
  • The Transforming Power of Congregational Song – Nancy E. Hardy
  • God or Mammon, Stuff or Spiritual Fulfillment: Revisiting John Wesley’s “The Use of Money” – Christine Smaller
  • “Nothing Prepared Me”: Reflections on the Role of the Theological School in Pastoral Formation – Sandra Beardsall

From the Heart about the Heart of the Matter

  • Swimming the Tiber – David Bruce


  • Shelley Davis Finson – Joan Wyatt

Review Article

  • Post-Modern, Not Post-Theist—The Church as a Christ-Centred Locus of Creative Emergence – Maggie Watts-Hammond