Click here for the May 2006 edition of Touchstone Journal.

In this issue:

Purpose Driven or Gift Receiving

“We Have Feminists Like You To Blame For This Mess” – Joan Wyatt
Transformation in the Encounter: Reflections on a Dispute Resolution Process – Brian Thorpe
The Ethics of Excellence: Setting The Standards High – Ross Smillie
The World Council of Churches’ Ninth General Assembly – Marion Best

Mary Russell Chesley: “Controversialist” Marilyn Fardig Whiteley

The Passionate Visionary: Leadership Lessons From the Apostle Paul by Richard S. Ascough and Sandy Cotton – Deborah Shanks
Amazing Church: A Catholic Theologian Remembers AHalf Century of Change by Gregory Baum – Bob McKeon
The Renovare Spiritual Formation Bible Edited by Richard J. Foster, et al – William Morrow
Paul and the Gentile Women: Reframing Galatians by Tatha Wiley – Christian A. Eberhart
Faithful Intellect: Samuel S. Nelles & Victoria University by Neil Semple – Marilyn Fardig Whiteley