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In this issue:

The Holocaust a Revelatory Event For Christians

“Do You Not Perceive It?” – Edwin Searcy
What About Mary? Protestants and Marian Devotion – Jason Byassee
What is Spirituality? – Peter C. Erb
A God Real Enough, a Christ Present Enough, to Deal With The Enormity of Evil – Colin Peterson

The Varieties of Religious Experience in An India Medical Missionary: Belle Chone Oliver – Ruth Brouwer

The Miracles of Jesus by Richard S. Ascough – Deborah Shanks
Caring Through the Funeral by Gene Fowler – Mike Jones
In The End -The Beginning: The Life of Hope by Jiirgen Moltmann – Don Schweitzer
All Things Human: Henry Codman Potter and the Social Gospel In the Episcopal Church by Michael Bourgeois – Eleanor J. Stebner
Intersecting Voices: Critical Theologies in a Land of Diversity Edited by Don Schweitzer and Derek Simon – David Zub