Click here for the May 2004 edition of Touchstone Journal.

In this issue:

Paul Tillich and the Apple

A Jewish Appraisal of “Bearing Faithful Witness” – Rabbi Neal Rose
Beyond Critique or Lamentation: Towards An Integrated Approach to Adult Faith Formation – Derek Evans & Janet Gear
Some Religious Elements in Contemporary Culture – Tony Thompson

“One Who Laid Foundations”: The Story of Barbara Heck – Marilyn Fardig Whiteley

Introduction to the Old Testament by Walter Brueggemann – Arthur Walker-Jones
Just Wives? Stories of Power and Survival in the Old Testament and Today by Katherine Doob Sakenfeld – Karen Hamilton
From Preachers To Suffragists by Beverly Zink-Sawyer – Marguerite Van Die
The Miracles of Barefoot Capitalism Jim Klobuchar and Susan Cornell Wilkes – Mac Watts