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In this issue:

The Minister as Practical Theologian

Ecumenical Confession – Raymond A. Cuthbert
The Mystery and Enigma of Prayer – Donald Schweitzer
Who’s Next to be “Mitfordized”? – Thomas G. Long
The Decade Festival: Visions For a Better Future – Marion Best

Lester Leeland Burry: Missionary in Labrador, 1931-1957 – Hector K. Swain

Review Article
Douglas John Hall: Thinking, Professing & Confessing the Faith – Douglas Goodwin

The Human Christ: The Search for the Historical Jesus by Charlotte Allen – Erin Phillips
Always Being Reformed: Faith for a Fragmented World by Shirley C. Guthrie – Edwin Searcy
The Undertaking: Life Studies From the Dismal Trade by Thomas Lynch – Lynette Miller