June 2015 “Theology and Social Witness”

In this issue:

Volume 33 June 2015 Number 2

“Theology and Social Witness”



  • Theological Foundations for Social Justice: Another World is Possible – Rob Fennell
  • Liberal Evangelicalism and the Formation of the United Church: A Usable Legacy for our Future? – John Young
  • Canadian Ecumenical Social Justice: A Movement of Prophetic Witness – Jennifer Henry
  • The Community of Disciples at Pelham Community Church – Diane Walker
  • Mercifulness in a “Philanthropic” Age – David Lappano

From the Heart

  • Faith and “The Option for the Poor” – Gregory Baum


  • J.S. Woodsworth: Christian Socialist and Peace-monger (Part I) – Harold Wells

Review Article

  • Two Recent Histories of The United Church of Canada – Don Schweitzer