June 2014 “The Blessing and Challenge of Ecumenism”

In this issue:

Volume 32 June 2014 Number 2

“The Blessing and Challenge of Ecumenism”



  • Receptive Ecumenism: Open Possibilities for Christian Renewal – Bishop Donald Bolen
  • The Case of the Missing Ecumenical Spirit – Sandra Beardsall
  • “We intend to move together”: the Tenth Assembly of the World Council of Churches – Bruce Myers
  • Christian Identity and Ecumenical Dialogue – Andrew O’Neill
  • The Kind of Unity the New Testament Reveals

From the Heart about the Heart of the Matter

  • Karen Hamilton


  • Gordon Domm, Urban Ministry Visionary – Betsy Anderson


  • The Church: Towards a Common Vision, World Council of Churches, Faith & Order Paper No. 214, 2013 – Sandra Beardsall
  • Interreligious Reading after Vatican II: Scriptural Reasoning, Comparative Theology and Receptive Ecumenism, edited by David F. Ford and Frances Clemson – Julien Hammond
  • Story and Song: A Postcolonial Interplay between Christian Education and Worship by HyeRan Kim-Cragg – Susan P. Howard
  • With Love, Lydia: The Story of Canada’s First Woman Ordained Minister by Patricia Wotton – HyeRan Kim-Cragg