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In this issue:

An Arnprior Reflection

Who Are We? Issues of Life and Death – Terence R. Anderson
A Tale of Two Daughters: A Pastoral Care Response Concerning Issues of Life and Death – Michelle Hogman
Hymns For Special Occasions – Lynette P. Miller
Between a Rock & a Hard Place: ValuingFamily & Prophecy In Christian Motherhood – Jane Barter Moulaison
Patrick Hamilton & John Knox and “The Pith of All Divinity” – William Klempa

Shawundais or John Sunday (c1795-1875) – Donald Smith

Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places: A Conversation in Spiritual Theology by Eugene Peterson – Foster Freed
Canadian Methodist Women 1766-1925:Marys, Marthas, Mothers in Israel by Marilyn Fardig Whiteley – Eldon Hay
The Hidden Life of Pierre Elliott Trudeau: The Faith Behind the Politics Edited by John English, Richard Gwyn,& P. Whitney Lackenbauer – Michael Jones
The Book That Breathes New Life: Scriptural Authority & Biblical Theology by Walter Brueggemann Edited by Patrick Miller – Christine Mitchell
Preaching and Homiletical Theory by Paul Scott Wilson – Brian Walton