Click here for the January 2004 edition of Touchstone Journal.

In this issue:

Ordered Ministry
Gordon Harland

Funerals As Counter-Cultural Practice – Edwin Searcy
Good Grief: An Undertaker’s Reflections – Thomas Lynch
First Nations People and the Inculturation of the Gospel – Terence R. Anderson

George Flett (1817-1897): Presbyterian Missionary to the Ojibwa at Keeseekoowenin Reserve – Alvina Block

Growing Up Protestant: Parents, Children and Mainline Churches by Margaret Lamberts Bendroth – Phyllis Airhart
Feminist Theologies For a Post-Modem Church by Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd – Jean Stairs
The Early Stories, 1953-1975 by John Updike – John McTavish
God’s Secretaries: The Making of the King James Bible by Adam Nicolson – Mac Watts