February 2016 “The Image of God in Humanity”

In this issue:

Volume 34 February 2016 Number 1

“The Image of God in Humanity”



  • John Calvin and the Image of God: Creation, Regeneration, Remnants, and Rights – Richard R. Topping
  • Christ and the Imago Dei – David Deane
  • Imago Dei in the Waiting Room – Shannon Craigo-Snell
  • On Being Created Human in the Image of God: Christian Feminist Voices – Marilyn Legge
  • Confirmation: De Facto Third Sacrament? – Michael Brooks

From the Heart

  • Art Prints and Hockey Pucks – Lisa Waits


  • The Story of the Rev. Charles and Elizabeth McKillop – Austin Fennell


  • A Conscious Endeavour: A Judeo-Christian Reflection on the Distribution of Wealth by Terence Wenzl – Michael K. Jones
  • Jesus of Nazareth: Jew from Galilee, Savior of the World by Jens Schröter – Don Schweitzer
  • No Turning Back: The Future of Ecumenism by Margaret O’Gara – Paul Ladouceur
  • Preaching as Poetry: Beauty, Goodness, and Truth in Every Sermon by Paul Scott Wilson – Michael Brooks
  • Belief Beyond Borders: Inside the Minds of the Spiritual but not Religious by Linda A. Mercadante – Michael Webster
  • Planted: A Story of Creation, Calling, and Community by Leah Kostamo – Aaron Miller