Feb 2015 “When in Our Music God is Glorified…”

In this issue:

Volume 33 February 2015 Number 1

“When in Our Music God is Glorified…”



  • Why Bach Still Matters to the Church – John Derksen
  • The Symphonic Soul: Re-Engaging Hildegard of Bingen’s Theology of Liturgical Song – Christina Labriola
  • “Practical” and “Experimental”: A Survey of English Language Hymnody in the Modern Age – Fred Kimball Graham
  • Music in Worship: Supporting Orientation, Disorientation and Reorientation – Michelle Robinson
  • Congregational Singing in the Medieval Church – Nancy E. Hardy

From the Heart

  • From the Heart – Becca Whitla


Sacred Feathers, or the Rev. Peter Jones (1802-1856) – Donald Smith


  • The End of Hope – The Beginning: Narratives of Hope in the Face of Death and Trauma by Pamela R. McCarroll – Harold Wells
  • A Good Ending: A Compassionate Guide to Funerals, Pastoral Care and Life Celebrations by David Sparks – Michael Brooks
  • Bless Her Heart: Life as a Young Clergy Woman by Ashley-Anne Masters and Stacy Smith – Erin McIntyre Garrick